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Analysis of plane slot machines generally follow the situation in our country

Oct 15, 2016

Most domestic plane slot machines if the product is removed import hub parts and skills from the Center, the only remaining group of steel. According to the analysis, planing machines range of product markets in plastics production, and this range of slightly smaller companies a broad range of areas, production number out of range and lax, collection of market is not secret, into a low level competition in the market.
Local companies produce almost no skill content of daily-use plastic products and easier industry articles, highlights of the work and relying on low cost, with the cheapest on the market. As a result, the majority of enterprises lack of finished products and raw materials used ability to plow lift high technology products, only common piece of card. Because the enterprise does not need, skill improvement of plow machine production enterprises cannot get market reaction skills improvement of agitation was clearly resist.
Thus the machine level as soon as possible to make domestic and foreign interface simply fought the introduction of foreign technology is not enough, must be past along the self development of skills, and improved domestic plane slot machine degree of outdated forms. Excellent equipment, reasonable control and comprehensive services, competing in heavy development trend of the international market is likely to remain high.
Dadoing techniques in environmental protection and energy saving, can be connected to progress on the study of China attributed to the same starting line with developed countries, the difference is not significant, the domestic enterprises can range from the start, as an opportunity to develop high-end market, relying on high-tech products improved domestic plane slot machine industry in the "huge and popular" situation, strengthen competition in the international market. Thus, competition fierce, high-tech plane slot machine industry in the area, only to improve technical skills to guide the future.