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Bending machine manufacturing technology

Oct 15, 2016

For more than 100 years, CNC bending machine die cutting speed and continuously improve, bring the change of efficiency, providing further range expansion. Cutting the biggest sign is the high speed cutting (high speed cutting, known as HSC) development.

A high speed machining system involves many aspects. Only from a process perspective, conventional machining, a workpiece (mold), requires blank annealing-quenching-EDM ready-roughing-finishing-EDM-machining-manual polishing procedure. High-speed processing requires only rough quenching-roughing to semi-finishing-finish and Superfinishing process, was reduced from step three, than traditional processing methods to shorten processing time 30%~50% about when machining small parts, that advantage is particularly evident. What is more, some enterprises manufacture complicated mould, basically takes 3, 4 months to deliver, after using high speed machining, just half a month to complete.

A system of high speed machining, CNC press brake tooling and technical components. And CNC bending machine mould related factors have numerical control bending machine mould material choice, CNC press brake tooling system structure, CNC press brake tooling required processing the edges of shapes. And is closely linked to technology of CAD/CAM system selection, CNC bending machine mould machining path planning, setting as well as cooling and lubrication of the cutting parameters link.