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Bending machine placed in front of the top priority issues

Oct 15, 2016

China has become the world CNC bending machine manufacturing, but bending machine manufacturer but not strong, but it is an undeniable truth. Especially under the influence of the international financial crisis and Europe's debt crisis, China faces a very severe situation of CNC bending machine. the United States, the European Union and other developed countries have strong skills advantage, marketing and brand advantage, coupled with policy support, growth and emerging economies, is a great challenge. At present, the emerging economies also speed up the use of their advantages in resources to learn manufacturing skill developed out of a sector, and China's market, seizing investment. If we lack of sensitivity and a sense of crisis, inappropriate, missed opportunities, not only unable to change existing large but not strong passive scenes, but also widening the gap between developed and probably behind disciple long country. bending skills by the turbine manufacturers currently fathers introduction, high end imports of equipment manufacturing industry in China is still strict reality.
High end of high-end machine tools, Advanced instrumentation and control system of engine, are imported from abroad needed. Dealing with bending machine manufacturer in China, bending machine manufacturers the most crucial is to accelerate independent research and development capacity configuration. Country to the pace of granting policies supported, on the other hand unit to consolidate sources, constructing skill research. Now, forces evacuation of scientific research institutes in China, should meet in the integrated side step, tertiary institutions should also consider how to join in. I believe several forces constructed together, can probably break the skill bottlenecks, bending machine manufacturers break through high-end equipment manufacturing overseas enterprises control market conditions, emerging with high-tech skills as the lead, cost chain and chain key, you can probably promoted the industry's core competitiveness of high-end equipment manufacturing industry