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Japan machine tool manufacturers increase production efficiency to European competition

Oct 15, 2016

Due to the devaluation of the euro, European machine tool manufacturers take advantage of this opportunity to order more for the international market, the Japan machine tool industry has had a certain impact, growing competition from Japan and Europe. Japan machine tool manufacturers to compete with European companies, new equipment, increasing production workshop, with a view to increasing productivity and enhancing international competitiveness.
It is reported that Japan main machine tool maker tsugami precision machine tool co planned for February to invest 1 billion yen is used to update the underlying production equipment, capacity twice, while Niigata factory area from 6,400 square meters 1 time, improve the efficiency of machine Assembly. OKUMA is planning to invest 7 billion yen, new new new in Aichi plant equipment workshop, further increasing productivity. Mori Seiki seisakusho investing 8 billion yen in Mie Prefecture established machine parts processing and assembly factories, February is running capacity can be expected to increase 20%.
Figures show in 2011, Japan machine tool orders totaled 1.3261 trillion yen, an increase of 35.5%, the proportion of overseas orders up to 68.2% amounting to 904.5 billion yen, an increase of 34.8%. , Order total 56% of its total overseas orders from Asia, China became Japan's largest overseas market, orders amounted to 327.8 billion yen, an increase of 29.6%; India, and Thailand followed suit.