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NC planing machine placement problems

Oct 15, 2016

(1) prevention of patent ductus arteriosus, CNC Planer slot machines to prevent catheter was buried in concrete. Darkroom tube carefully before viewing tube is not bent, catheter remaining has solidified in the inner wall is concrete, if the catheter has bends should be implemented to improve or give up do not, the residual concrete washing clean. Also should be aware of if the catheter insertion depth in concrete or terminated halfway through when pouring concrete is too long, will have a catheter not pulled out of work. For preventing catheter-buried in concrete, you should consider the rising height of the concrete surface. Insurance concluded that catheter insertion depth and placement of the end of time to be able to reduce, for continuous casting.
(2) cut off leakage. Continue to tank wall cut off frequency using geotextile bags of concrete cut off. On geo cloth concrete bags severed body of leak pulp problem, should Yan Keqing slot, especially under severed body parts of slot hole bottom of precipitation, and deposition real will need flush clean; under severed body Qian must completely heart view isolation body whether exists damaged, and snag, weak of place, end of mouth sewing whether strong firm, if exists should timely take remedy measures, while under severed body Shi upper and lower pumping pulled, symmetry decentralization, guarantee severed body Xia to slot hole following, and maintained must of elastic degrees.
(3) end joints. NC planing machine starts together when there are multiple sets of configurations, or scrap containers were produced by a device in the course of construction, which will have connectivity issues between the wall sections. Wall sections must be connected by a bored, generally use the following connection types: single-hole connection, dual drilled connection, parallel Tower, the leaning tower. Single drilled connection applies to advance reserve drilling; double drilled connection applies to pre-drilled poured; parallel towers and Tower is used for wall axis to change the situation. Regardless of the CNC Planer slot machines connected, drilling and to take measures to increase the contact area between the walls and remove mud contacts, ensure effective connection of the wall.