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NC planing machine problems

Oct 15, 2016

(1) turn plow. CNC hydraulic plow machines are CNC hydraulic plow machine continues to tank built by wall's primary machine configurations, fit a straight line or a large radius of curvature curve plow, when the bend radius of curvature is small, plow through the saw body high tilt is often critical in plans or a standard request, into slots SAG, saw damage easily. On this condition, original bend can be wall wall axis axis arrangement allows mobility within the context of the second and even more straight, built according to line introduction of plow, fold a drill at the point where the implementation of convergence. When the plow when drilling close, control the saw blade plow angle to ensure saws within the lower end of the mouth, then hoisted out the saw body adjust dadoing continues to plow, which adapted to CNC Planer slot machine performance and achieve continuous slot.
(2) trench wall collapses. Chute collapse has many causes, uneven collapse is also different. Trench wall collapses, a crisis does not only include CNC Planer slot machine saw bodies buried near the ground, smoke construction layout, because collapse may cause the appearance of machinery in conjunction with dumping, should be highly valued. In addition except special foundations, think tank mud level reduction will make a trench wall collapses, and the slots were all destroyed. Tank liquid level landing situation mostly because of leakage causing. If there are signs of leakage appear, should be immediately option, the saw body recommended ground.
(3) saw the card in the slot. Saw card slot could not be proposed or not recommended early, in the trench wall collapses or plow job stops halfway through a very simple. Card in the slot of the channel to avoid saw blades when suspended halfway plow should be to raise the saw height, or always Ascend saw body, exiled Governor never saw movement in the slot; this test cutting the width of the damage should be immediately, CNC Planer slot machines guarantee sawn width and width of Groove gap of the moment. When the saw body stuck in the Groove, not to force a pull, to destroy the lifting action. If stuck the mud precipitation may make use of high pressure water jet Assembly or the air lift method to lift dirt. If the high pressure water jetting equipment can't handle, can pass through the saw body only drill around modalities for management.