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Planing machines of maintenance and cleaning general knowledge

Oct 15, 2016

Plow body plans among other things messy, bulky, to normal flush to a number of difficulties, is based on a lot of people forget the maintenance of washing it. Keep the hydro-planing machines clean, intention to plow effect can be achieved and to ensure operation safety. Advocacy to plow every half a year to implement thorough washing as a whole, with the Mao Qing brush to dust of appearance, with a full range of cleaning solution for local cleaning of dirt, and placed in a ventilated place to dry to avoid rust.
Before the launch slot machine planing machine, to ensure, inter alia, bearing a little smoothing parts to just smooth, after launching and the heat rose to 40 ℃-50 ℃
Before starting work, and stop always overloaded work. Winter closes after planing machines, heat and dropped to 40 ℃-50 ℃, the precipitation cools
You water, add coolant.
Usually manipulate the necessary attention to useful against engine maintenance, ensure that the planing machine in excellent working condition. View beware of ground, ground tests found defects, real-time sweep.
Planing machines maintenance:
Thus ensuring machine unusual jobs, guide, ball screw, tool wear reduction. Machine tools in full activity, imposed shall be paid accurately and on time out slide and therefore necessary for the following care:
1, planing machine, manipulate joined hand-Oiler, imposed on the planing knife action part lubrication in each class, after the pipe parts using grease gun with
Note to implement smooth butter once a week.
2, the end of the operation, operation guide Groove on the hydraulic clamp debris and other impurities must be removed to clean.
3, machine tools tend to keep it clean.
4, when the plow, programming feed amount may not be too great, beware of damaged tool and the material is not solid.
5, writing to the pressure oil filter required to ensure oil clean (switching time test, the pressure oil is more adjustable)
6, planing machine normal operation conditions, the oil level should be maintained at the oil dipstick 2/3, bearing in mind not to cross the red line.