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You how to choose the plate bending machine factory tutor

Oct 15, 2016

You how to choose the plate bending machine factory tutor
Purchase machine necessary detail what? Now available in the market up voluminous machine brands, consumers in selecting the machine carefully, as the saying goes "shop around, not to be deceived" steelyard are customers eyes. Bending machine manufacturers recommend when choosing a bending machine, we launched a consumer more than. As a dedicated machine, often used for years or even more than 10 years, if buy unsuitable, leads to unnecessary poverty, how to buy plate machines provide the following references:
One, quality:
Concerned about the quality of the customers have a common characteristic, to buy rest assured, not easy to obstruct, brand. The nervous clients were probably individual enterprises and Fang's boss, look unique, know to buy homemade, better to buy rest assured, buy a good quality. Machine longer than in ordinary years. Difficult to determine but brand, Jones said Jones ' good, Li said, Zhao said they are brand names. Bending machine is what we usually call it, stiff industry usually refers to three roller coiling machine, want to know the pros and cons: weight: surface, good products and ordinary put together, in fact, at a glance I can see that. Bending machine manufacturer recommended many people say look at the advantages and disadvantages of plate rolling machine tension reducer and motor quality, in fact this is not the point at all, the motor post and sent hundreds of pieces can, but the quality difference is thousands of machine, tens of thousands! Other necessary detail of the roll is solid or hollow, this related to dull enduring.
Second, the choice of machine types:
Coiling machine due to the differences in the context of species, differences. Roll number three roller coiling machine and four-roll plate bending machine. Three rollers symmetrical three-roll plate bending machine, level down three roller coiling machine, arc down plate bending machine, roller omnipotent three roller coiling machine on. From mechanical and hydraulic on the drive. Grow from a rolling machine, said roller universal on the most backward and level down slightly advanced arc down the highest level.
Third, the cost of:
Customers who purchase rolling machine and the city concerns, I'll ask the machine more than more than 3,000, you have 10,000, encountered so we can only smile, Audi and Alto do not have only one word? I report you over there now!
1: weight, we mentioned why weight? I'm not buying the iron, I bought the machine! EES is accessories, scrap iron and steel which I trust everyone understand, why do you say it? Manufacturers of the above accessories are plastic, just above 10% of paint on the surface, is not bad you don't see it. Be mindful of others report showing off your weight.