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Shearing Machine Installation Process In Detail

Jun 08, 2017

Shearing Machine installation:

1) The equipment must be looking for the center, the foundation and the horn contact surface should be smooth, the horn group should be placed smoothly, the horn and the foundation, the horn and the base and the horn layer should be in good contact between, phenomenon.

2) The anchor bolts must be fitted with tightening nuts or other locking devices.

3) the installation of mechanical transmission of the shearing machine, the use of dial indicator to measure the flywheel radial runout and section beating, dial indicator reading the maximum difference should not exceed the standard requirements.

4) The unevenness of the upper and lower blade gaps shall be in accordance with the relevant technical documents.

5) The coaxiality of the spindle holes on both sides of the rack and the clearance between the spindle and the connecting rod, the clearance between the spindle and the connecting rod and the bearing shall conform to the provisions of the equipment technical document

6) Before the test run, the drive system, electrical, lubrication and safety protection devices should be fully checked. The operating device should be sensitive, correct and reliable.

7) Before running the test run, turn the flywheel by hand, drive the movement part of the shearing machine, and check whether the action is coordinated, no stuck, nap, collision and other abnormal phenomenon, and promptly ruled out.

8) After the boot operation, must first run without load, check the steering to meet the requirements, driven flywheel and its movement agencies to run. The overall installation of the shearing machine shall not be less than 30 minutes, the assembly of the shearing machine shall not be less than 4 hours, of which the continuous operation of the travel time shall not be less than 2 hours, single trip running time shall not be less than 1.5 hours.

9) shall not have abnormal sound, bolt screws shall not be loose, bearing temperature rise shall not exceed the design temperature.