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Cardboard Grooving Machine Slot Function

Jun 08, 2017

The Grooving Machine consists of a grooved part, a crimping part, a corners and a trimming part. The main part is a slotted, crimped wire, cut angle and trimming. The following describes the Grooving Machine slot function and the use of the problems should be noted.

First, the basic purchase of the slotted line

The purpose of slotting is to cut the lid of the cardboard with a certain width and depth of the cut. In the production of cartons, the box height of more than two slotters between the maximum distance when you have to do the action of the knife, put a long time, and must adjust the position is accurate, otherwise it will damage the equipment and tools , Reduce production efficiency, increase production costs.

Slotted by the Grooving Machine, under the Grooving Machine and debris knife composition. Among them, the lower slot knife is composed of four round steel plate, dander knife is used to remove the residual knife in the knife inside the knife, to avoid jam and stop, Dip knife is generally copper.

Some slot machines have two indentation axes, while others have only one. Likewise, some slot machines have two slotted shafts, while others have only one. The two indentation axes are used for primary and secondary lines, either pre-printed and crimped.

There is a row of crimping rollers on the indentation axis. Depending on the purpose, these steel presses are made of different shapes. When using high-pressure reels, high-voltage reels should be used to ensure accurate crimping. When the Leng high increase, the width of the pressure line should be increased. So as to avoid the paper in the paper crack. The crimp shape may be flat or may have a protrusion of 0.5 mm to 0.4 mm.

Second, the various functions introduced

Crimping section: The function of the crimping part is to press out several lines to facilitate the molding.

Corner section: Mainly divided into knife seat, blade and knife anvil, the function is to put the tongue at both ends of the excess paper removal.

Trim the Department: mainly divided into two pieces of semi-round steel trimmer knife, the function is to remove the excess paper edge. But now it is basically gone.

Two-axis knife seat: mainly to the middle of the width of the slot can be very narrow

Pre-pressure wheel: also called the crushing wheel, is in front of the slotted knife to install a pair of metal pressure roller. Its main role is the carton pressure line can be pre-adjusted to facilitate the molding of cartons to prevent the pressure line burst. Generally with a power, then you can better achieve a certain pre-pressure and linear speed.

Third, the production should pay special attention to the details of the process:

1, explosion-proof crushing wheel: the gap should be less than half the thickness of cardboard to not break the principle.

2, pressure wheel: the gap is about half of the crushing wheel, not to crush the principle.

3, slotted knife: the knife cut into the knife gap is about 3mm, paper gap is about 5mm. Attached to the seat or under the stick sponge non-slip.

4, trimming knife: knife on the knife under the knife 6-10mm above, to be vertical close.