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Classification Of High - Speed Shearing Machine

Oct 30, 2017

Many types of high-speed shearing machine, according to different classification criteria, can be divided into different types

(1) by cutting method can be divided into cross shear and slitting.

(2) according to the temperature of the shear plate is divided into hot shear and cold shear.

(3) According to the Shearing Machine drive method is divided into mechanical shear, hydraulic shear and pneumatic shear.

(4) according to the way the frame is divided into open shear and closed shear; according to the type of shear plate is divided into billet shears, steel shears, shears and pipe Shearing Machine

The shearing machine configuration includes:

① automatic control cabinet: control cabinet built-in industrial-grade microcomputer, industrial LCD, VFD drive, integrated photoelectric sensor, incremental encoder, vector control and other advanced measurement and control technology, combined with dedicated CNC / Cut the software, is the core of the entire set of control equipment.

② discharge rack: the use of frequency control motor (optional electromagnetic speed), manually adjust the unwinding speed. The discharge rack can carry 10 tons of coil.

③ leveling machine: the use of frequency control motor, through the inverter automatically speed leveling. Calibration roller with 40c quenching process.

④ electric shears: According to the user shear sheet thickness and requirements of the appropriate selection of hydraulic cutting plate machine.