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CNC Planer Slot Machine Manufacturers Save A Lot Of Costs

Oct 15, 2016

Today we read about NC planing machine has the following work performance and special features:
1, cold hardness of slot machine itself is a very good plate, usually by heat treatment to a retain a way of tempering temperature to operation, the normal stress in welding at work out, good hardness, body twisted-tortuous bend does not occur without other bad situations, performance is stable.
2, in the production of products are made from the front, loaded with hydraulic clamping, hydraulic plate press materials, rarely used basic machine operation manual, very convenient to work.
3, each face can be a separate operation, precision in cutting, Normal tolerances can be controlled in 0.02mm.
4, cutter is normal selection with servo-driven approach, moving very good moves, accelerate and decelerate quickly, not slow to respond, work positioning is accurate, work when the efficiency is very high.
5, spindle of CNC Planer slot machine is mainly chose the gear and pinion drive way with each other, work performance, resistance and when force is very small, and enhance the productivity of the work to a large extent, save a lot of costs.
6, plow position mainly use CNC to servo positioning, simultaneous transfer of two screw, work positioning is accurate, parallelism of work is also very good.