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CNC Shearing Machine To Do?

Oct 15, 2016

(A) carefully before working to:

1, before making the no-load test, you should manually turning a work trip, known to switch on the device.

2, hydraulic equipment, inspection of storage tanks oil volume should be sufficient. After starting the pump check valve, the piping for leaks, pressure should be eligible. Open the air release valve system.

(B) the work seriously:

1, are not allowed to cut the laminated sheet, no edge of trim boards, unedged, no shearing and pressing not tight narrow sheets and short.

2, the clearance between the blades should be adjusted according to the thickness of the sheet, but not larger than the thickness of the 1/30. Blades should be fastened firmly, upper and lower plate remain parallel, artificial after adjustment turning test, to avoid accidents.

3, blade of the knife should be sharp, such as blade blunt or cracked, it should be replaced immediately.

4, shear, pressure equipment shall be firmly pressed sheets, no tight under shear.

5, hydraulic equipment, in addition to throttle valve hydraulic valves are not allowed without adjustment.

6, for hydraulic swing beam shear shearing sheet metal thickness, should be based on the ultimate strength and thickness of the curve to determine.

Three) working on after falling on the last position of the cutter.