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Considerations For CNC Cutting Machine

Oct 15, 2016

1, carefully inspect the shears are normal, electrical equipment is intact, the lubrication system is smooth clear placed around the table and have the tools, measuring tools and other debris and scraps.

2, not 1 person alone operated shears, and should be coordinated by the 2-3 people for feeding, control accuracy and feeding, and determined from 1 unity of command.

3, according to the regulations of the plate thickness, adjust the shears scissors gap. Are not allowed at the same time cut 2 sheets of different specifications, different materials and not stack cutting. Cut sheet requirements surface roughness, shear unable to press a narrow sheet is not allowed.

4, shear belts, flywheels, gears and shafts and other moving parts must be mounted shield.

5, cutting machine operator feed fingers distance from the scissors should be kept to a minimum 200mm, and leave the clamping device.

Shear trigger placing protective barriers cannot block the operator's eyes and see the cutting parts. Homework waste produced by sharp creases, the operator should be cleared in a timely manner to prevent being stabbed, cut.