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Electro - Hydraulic Servo Bending Machine Working Principle

Jul 03, 2017

Bending machine, which consists mainly of bracket, table and clamping plate, the table consists of the base and the pressure plate. The base of the bending machine is connected with the clamping plate by the hinge, which is composed of a shell shell, a coil and a cover plate. The bending machine's coil is placed in the depression of the shell shell, and the top of the depression is covered with a cover plate. Work by the wire on the coil power, power after the pressure plate to produce gravity, to achieve the pressure plate and the base between the plate clamping. As the bending machine with electromagnetic force clamping, solid plate can make a variety of workpiece requirements, but also for the sidewall of the workpiece for processing.

Performance characteristics of machine - liquid synchronous bending machine

First, the steel welded structure, vibration aging treatment to eliminate internal stress, there is a good rigidity and stability.

Second, the use of machine fluid synchronization system (the slider of the tilt through the mechanical signal transmission to the hydraulic synchronization system, so that the slider smooth movement).

Third, the use of small twist shaft fast balance, the bottom dead mechanical stopper, good stability, high precision. Fourth, the anti-partial load capacity of five strong, the use of the next table to install the deflection compensation device.

Performance Characteristics of Electro - hydraulic Synchronous CNC Bending Machine

First, the electronic - hydraulic proportional servo synchronization, the stroke can be any point control, repeat the accuracy of ± 0.01, parallel to 0.02.

Second, the lower table with deflection compensation cylinder, the mold with a deflection compensation mechanism; under the table to install imported manual, automatic convex device, more than 250 tons of the following table on the installation of automatic convex plus compensation agencies.

Third, with the computer system grating, hydraulic system valve assembly, servo motors are imported, with good performance, with a strong anti-partial load capacity.

Fourth, the slider travel (Yl, Y2), after the block material (X, R, Z) are computer automatic control.

Fifth, after the block with ball screw, rolling guide, repeat high precision. Six, can be a special seven-axis CNC machine, manipulator or sheet metal flexible processing center.

Performance Characteristics of Hydraulic Servo Bending Machine

First, the steel welded structure, vibration aging treatment to eliminate internal stress, there is a good rigidity and stability.

Second, the twisting force forcing the mechanical stopper balance, high precision.

Third, the integrated hydraulic system, slider on the drive, speed adjustment range, work smoothly and reliable.

Four, rear block and slider stroke electric adjustment, manual fine-tuning, digital display.

5, slider stroke adjustment mechanism and cylinder assembly points to improve the sealing.

6, on the mold with a wedge-type deflection compensation mechanism.