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Failure Of Rolling Machine

Jun 21, 2017

Any equipment in the operation and operation of the abnormal process are inevitable, such as Rolling Machine, when used in the event of failure problems will stop running, then the face of Rolling Machine how to deal with failure?

First, the Rolling Machine vibration abnormalities, troubleshooting the reasons for the vibration may be due to the material size of the particles uneven, resulting in mechanical compression force imbalance, so we want to ensure the size of the material balance, so that the equipment in the course of the operation Squeeze normal, to avoid the imbalance is too large, resulting in the overall performance of the equipment impact.

Second, the Rolling Machine oil spill, the reason may be mechanical hydraulic system problems, so in time for the replacement of damaged parts, suffering from new hydraulic oil, commissioning equipment to ensure that equipment after maintenance Can be normal operation and use.

Third, the bearing temperature anomalies, if the temperature is too high or too low, will have an impact on the lubrication system, resulting in the occurrence of Rolling Machine failure, so regular use of lubricants, do a good job cleaning parts to ensure that the circulatory system The normal operation.

Above is the Rolling Machine troubleshooting measures, regularly do a good job of equipment inspection and maintenance, is to ensure the operating efficiency of the basis of the premise.