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How To Make The Stainless Steel Bending Machine More Perfect

Jun 21, 2017

Stainless steel Bending machine performance characteristics:

The fuselage uses the integral welding and the whole processing structure, the fuselage main part all uses the ANSYS finite element analysis software to carry on the analysis, guaranteed the machine tool reliability and the machine precision;

Both sides of the main cylinder break through the traditional mechanical block type bending machine Stroke control mode, the use of Germany imported electro-hydraulic servo valve and imported grating ruler of the closed-loop control. The position feedback accuracy of slider is high, the operation is accurate and stable, the synchronization performance is good, the bending accuracy is high;

The function parts of the rear stopper are imported parts, which ensure the precision of the retaining material, and can be used in accordance with the requirements of the customer's more complete back-stop material axis;

The hydraulic system June uses the German import integrated control system, reduces the pipeline installment, has ensured the machine tool work stability, the shape concise esthetic;

The fuselage is fitted with C-type plate, and the high precision grating ruler is installed on the C-plate, which avoids the influence of bending precision of the fuselage deformation.

The lower worktable has the hydraulic deflection automatic compensation mechanism, realizes the blind area effective compensation, the bending precision is high, guarantees the long-term stability;

CNC system using the Italian ESA, the Netherlands Delem or Switzerland Cybelec Company's electro-hydraulic servo bending machine dedicated CNC system, can be achieved bending angle graphics programming, angle correction compensation, bending pressure automatic calculation and automatic adjustment, automatic calculation of the work table deformation compensation, workpiece expansion length, pressure bottom bending pressure, opening distance, back material automatic concessions and other functions.