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Shearing Machine Resistance Related Factors

May 26, 2017

Shearing Machine control components (ie, various types of hydraulic valves) in the hydraulic system to control and conditioning the liquid pressure, flow, and bias. According to the control of the performance of the substandard, the hydraulic valve can be divided into pressure control valve, flow control valve and bias control valve. Pressure relief valve can be divided into relief valve (safety valve), pressure relief valve, sequence valve, pressure relay, etc .; flow control valve contains throttle valve, regulating valve, diverter valve, flow valve, etc .; To the valve, hydraulic check valve, shuttle valve, valve and so on. According to the control method is not hydraulic valve can be divided into switching control valve, the value of control valve and proportional control valve.

Shearing machine is characterized by horizontal shear movement of the rolling, it has three basic requirements: 1) cutting edge in the shear rolling with the movement of the rolling with the movement, that is, the blade should be completed at the same time Shear and movement of the two movements, and the cutting edge in the direction of movement of the instantaneous speed v should be equal to or faster than the rolling speed v0 2% to 3%, that is v = (1 ~ 1.03) v0. When cutting the rolling, the cutting edge in the direction of the rolling movement of the instantaneous speed v if less than the moving speed v0, the cutting edge will hinder the movement of the rolling, will make the rolling bending, and even produce rolling knife accident The On the other hand, if the instantaneous velocity v of the shearing edge in the direction of the shearing is much larger than the rolling velocity v0, the greater the tensile stress will be produced in the rolling, which will affect the shear quality and Increase the impact load of the shearing machine; 2) According to the different specifications of the product and the user's requirements, in the same shearing machine should be able to cut a variety of specifications of the length of the length, and the length of the tolerance and shear section quality The relevant provisions of the state; 3) to meet the rolling mill or unit productivity requirements.

The shearing resistance of the shearing machine is related to the factors such as the raw material of the steel plate, the shear temperature, the shear speed, the cutting edge shape, the cutting blade clearance and the relative cutting depth. In these factors, the deformation speed and shear rate Is proportional to the relationship.

Steel plate raw materials: the higher the strength limit of the material, the greater the shear resistance, but the lower the plasticity.

Shear temperature: mainly refers to the temperature of steel plate shear, the higher the temperature, the smaller the shear resistance, the relative depth of the larger cut.

Deformation speed: theoretically, the deformation speed is proportional to the shear rate, and shear resistance is also proportional to the deformation speed, but in the cold shear, the deformation speed can not be considered.

Knife blunt radius: the greater the radius of the knife blunt, the greater the shear resistance