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The Bending Machine Has A Long History

Oct 19, 2017

Bending machine and cutting plate machine, with a long history of industrial history, the machine is a modern important mechanical processing equipment, as early as the end of the Qing Dynasty, Germany has entered the industrial age, accompanied by high degree of automation of the machine, the importance of data systems increasingly Obviously, the earliest scissors machines and bending machine are all originated from the European continent, the first developed two machines are Germany.

What is the historical origins of the bending machine as an important mechanical processing equipment?

Germany's industry is by far the world's top, and the machines they manufacture are exported to China. One of the most common failures of bending machine is that machines often emit some noise, which is generally caused by bending The gap between the slider and the rail is too large, and this is generally the case, we should consider whether to choose to replace the rail plate, and later by the Chinese people to follow suit.

Finally in the Republic of China, to create a Q11 series of mechanical shears and W67Y series of four-cylinder bending machine, and the manufacturer is now the Shanghai punching machine tool factory, which is the first breakthrough in the machine tool industry, self-developed machine , Thus entering the machine instead of artificial times, with the rapid development of computer technology.

The traditional manufacturing industry began a fundamental change, the industrialized countries invested heavily in research and development of modern manufacturing technology, put forward a new manufacturing model, especially for the defense industry much-needed high-end CNC machine tools, high-end CNC system is to determine the machine Equipment performance, function, reliability and cost of the key factors, and foreign countries to China is still blocked restrictions, as China's high-end CNC machine tool development bottlenecks.

And China's production of the ball screw, bearing accuracy, life problems are the major domestic machine tool plant, the core technology is CNC machine system, do not say that the system, even the domestic quality of a little better than the NC Machine tools, the use of high-precision ball screw, bearings imported from Japan, CNC system 100% outsourcing.