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The Concrete Analysis Of The Structure Of NC Shearing Machine

Jul 03, 2017

State power CNC Shearing Machine from the CNC system and machine tool body composed of two parts. Digital control system of CNC equipment (including built-in PLC), feed servo system, spindle servo system. Feed drive unit, feed servo system click and position detection device. The national force spindle servo system consists of the main drive unit and the spindle motor. The body of the machine through a variety of mechanical parts of the CNC shearing machine tools, including support, the main bed, column moving parts, tools, feed movement components library (dao), reverse, and the central tight, lubrication system.

State power CNC system is the core of CNC shearing machine, including two parts, hardware and software. Its main function is to correctly identify and interpret the NC machining program, the contours of various parts of the geometric information and command information processing, processing and the results are distributed to the corresponding units such as continuous control of the volume drive control device and machine electrical switch control, logic control Device control function is a part of CNC machine tools.

 Most of the shearing machine are hydraulic transmission. Hydraulic transmission is the liquid as a working medium to transmit power. The pressure of a liquid for hydraulic transmission is used to transmit power. A complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely, energy devices, actuators, control and adjustment devices, auxiliary devices, liquids. Hydraulic due to its large transmission power, easy to transfer and configuration, in the industrial, civilian industry widely used. The hydraulic system of the implementation of the role of hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor is the role of the liquid can be converted into mechanical energy, and access to the required linear reciprocating motion or rotary motion.