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The Function And Advantages Of Cleaner Grooving Machine

May 26, 2017

Clean Grooving Machine refers to the laying of cables, cables and a variety of pipeline excavation trench operation of special equipment, in general, it has a simple structure, compact, low cost; excavation of the trough continuous, stable quality Features.

The main structure of the dust-free Grooving Machine includes reducer, triangular slotted main arm, take the shovel, chain, chain plate, support column, reinforcement frame, track, traction mechanism and winch mechanism.

The main vehicle is connected with the hoisting machine on the tractor by the pulley group and the wire rope. The reinforcing frame and the triangular slotted main arm equipped with the reducer are installed on the main vehicle. The front end of the triangular slotted main arm passes through the wire rope and then the front end of the reinforcement frame Gourd connected to the three corners of the main slot of the triangle is equipped with a sprocket, sprocket outer chain chain and chain plate, chain plate with a curved plate to take the shovel, which is very common excavation trench equipment.

A molding wall clean Grooving Machine and the traditional slotting method compared to the following several major advantages:

1, clean Grooving Machine operation less dust, reduce the damage to the workers on the operation, even more human care.

2, clean Grooving Machine slot depth: 22-30MM, slotted width: 25-30MM.

3, clean Grooving Machine is simple, one person can easily operate, stop the rest of the power machine can be suspended in the wall will not fall, save time and effort. The following are the same as the "

4, clean Grooving Machine slotting efficiency is high, the traditional slotting efficiency of more than 100 times, the standard red brick, for example, every minute can be grooved 2-3 meters, greatly reducing the construction costs. The following are the same as the "

5, clean Grooving Machine slot cutter head, can be repeatedly used repeatedly polished for the standard wall of each knife can be cut about 3 km.

6, the wall can be cut to complete a one-time, without any auxiliary tools and two processes, slot digging machine digging model smooth and practical, the same depth, to avoid the traditional slotted way to a large area of wall damage.