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The Importance Of The Slider Part Of The Bending Machine

Sep 27, 2017

Bending machines are divided into the following, the most common of us are manual bending machine, hydraulic bending machine and CNC bending machine, although both are bending machine, but these several types of machines have different roles, then The composition of these types of bending machine is also a certain difference, but the general framework is not changed.

First talk about the bending machine, there is a system, workstations, baffle institutions and the composition of the first part of the slider, the use of hydraulic transmission, slider part of the slider, cylinder and mechanical block fine structure. The left and right cylinders are fixed on the frame, and the piston (rod) is driven by the hydraulic pressure to move the slider up and down. The mechanical stop is controlled by the numerical control system.

Under the same load, the 10-foot machine bench and the slider's flexion are four times the 5-foot machine. This means that shorter machines require less gasket adjustment to produce qualified parts. Reducing the gasket adjustment also shortens the preparation time.

Operate the button on the lower right button box of the work table and operate in the direction indicated by the sign. The initial adjustment should be larger than the thickness of the workpiece, depending on the size of the workpiece. Can also be used to adjust the hand wheel, adjust the value shown by the calculator, each increase and decrease the number of single digits is 0.1mm (0.1mm / turn). b, if the workpiece angle at both ends of the inconsistent, can be loose nails, the left side of the connecting rod, off the left and right rotation of the connection, turn the hand wheel (up or down) to change the distance of mechanical limit.

Through a guide plunger connected with the slider so that eccentric gears and connecting rods can be sealed in the upper beam of the fuselage, into the oil immersion lubrication, reducing the gear wear and reduce the transmission noise.In addition, the guide column It is slid in the guide bush 4. It is equivalent to lengthening the guide length of the slider, which improves the strength and precision of the bending machine.