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The Three Tips For Bending Machine Maintenance

Oct 19, 2017

Bending machine is a machine that can bend the sheet, due to the use of electromagnetic force clamping, making the press can be made a variety of workpiece requirements, but also for the sidewall of the workpiece processing, in the use of the process, Daily use and maintenance is to extend the key to its life, today to introduce the life of the machine to extend the three major tips.

1. Bending Machine Mold One of the most important goals in the bending process is to create a uniform distribution allowance for each bend in each bending process. That is to say, the bending machine must be used at different angles, and at any time the main bending machine mold should be as close as possible to the final shape of the mold in each process.

2. Bending machine mold evenly distributed processing allowance, to ensure a constant and high productivity and safe bending process. When the angle is constant, the bending speed and feedrate can also be kept constant at a high level. In this way, the mold on the bending machine and the work load changes on the small, resulting in less heat and fatigue, thereby improving the life of the bending machine die.

3. Bending machine mold In order to get the longest life, in the bending process should be as long as possible to maintain continuous cutting. If the bending machine mold into and out too frequently, bending machine die life will be significantly shortened. This will increase the thermal stress and thermal fatigue on the cutting edge. In the cutting area there is a uniform and high temperature than the large fluctuations in the modern carbide bending machine mold more favorable.

Proper use and maintenance is the key to ensuring the life of the bending machine die, but before the selection of a high-quality mold manufacturers of products and mold materials company is also very important, only the formal manufacturers or companies to ensure that Its quality and late maintenance services.