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The Use And Principles Of Bending Machine

Jul 12, 2017

Bending machine usage:

1, first turn on the power, in the control panel to open the key switch, then press the pump to start, so you hear the sound of the pump rotation. (At this time the machine does not move)

2, stroke adjustment, bending machine must pay attention to adjust the use of stroke, before the bend must be tested. Bending machine down to the bottom of the mold must ensure that there is a thick gap. Otherwise it will cause damage to the mold and the machine. The adjustment of the stroke is also an electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment.

3, bending slot selection, generally choose to thickness 8 times the width of the slot. Such as bending 4mm of the sheet, need to choose about 32 of the slot.

4, after the block adjustment are generally electric quick adjustment and manual fine-tuning, with the cutting plate machine.

5, press the foot switch to start bending, bending machine and cutting plate machine is different, you can release at any time, release the foot bending machine will stop, and then continue to step on the line. Principle: the pressure generated by the hydraulic system through the mold conduction, and ultimately get the required material shape of the work process.

Expansion of scale refers to the provision of services in other places, using the same name, the same method, belonging to the same bending machine manufacturers or very closely attached to the same company.

Expanding the scale is a major action that may not be suitable for bending machine manufacturers. Although it is very challenging, but the scale of expansion there are many can not be ignored benefits.

Success brings the pressure and temptation to expand the scale

"Growth, or death!" Is a common slogan in the business world, it shows the belief that the greater the bending machine company, the stronger the competitiveness. Of course, there are exceptions that do not meet these rules - small-scale, "small business" type of business, such as lawn pruning services, art galleries, hairdressing salons and so on. It is possible to keep it small and survive, but look at all the machinery industry, machine tool companies, or other production companies, all of which are replaced by branch offices. Successful bending machine Entrepreneurs have to face the pressure to expand the scale.