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Used CNC Planer Slot Machine Safety Instructions And Precautions

Oct 15, 2016

Now more and more plow machines, CNC stainless steel plow plow machines, machines and v-plow, today we will talk about the CNC Planer slot machines. How to use NC planing machines, should pay attention to what is going on?
CNC Planer slot machine is mainly used to repair cracks in the highway, hard asphalt concrete road making holes. Hard, with its very sharp stainless steel blade easily damaged soon buttresses even dug up a small tank and then back into the cement road surface material, so they quickly solidified to form a new road.
NC planing machines are small and light, but still a little dangerous, so operator when using CNC Planer slot machine, be sure to pay attention to the following safety, so as to not allow the operator to be hurt, and used CNC Planer slot machines greatly increases the time for years.
1, CNC Planer used slot machines must have a professional operator, even if just next to professionals in counselling, run out to scrub it clean, so as to extend the service life.
2, the use of CNC Planer slot machine staff must be qualified, through the professional training after obtaining the certificate, can operate.
3, operating CNC Planer slot machine operators wear long sleeves when working, wear a long-sleeved gloves to protect his arm (fear scalded arm plow hard things).
4, CNC Planer the operation of slot machines of the time, be sure to check the machine there is no slag, make sure the knife spacing must not have anything so as not to fall out of injured personnel.
5, operating the time to look at the drawings, in accordance with the requirements of people plow depth.
6, in the staff must be handled very carefully, in the machine when used, the body away from the NC planing machine, so as not to hurt yourself
7, adding unexpected operation, immediately stopped and returned to the specified location, so that maintenance personnel after completion of repair work.
8, until all the work is over, be sure to cut off the power supply, then the CNC Planer slot machine for routine maintenance and upkeep.