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What Are The Points Of Interest For Choosing A Bending Machine?

Jul 12, 2017

Put the bending machine mold work efficiency, some users feel that the mold work efficiency and mold material, there is the accuracy and quality of the machine. In fact, the quality of bending machine mold quality, not only with the manufacturing materials, high-quality mold also need a good process, not as heat treatment and grinding accuracy, and the most important is the design of special mold, To be able to have a higher efficiency, reduce the mold because of the problems caused by bending precision machining is not good, so as to reduce the production of inferior products.

There are several factors that affect the quality of the bending machine mold, in addition to manufacturing materials, many molds also need to heat treatment processing, while the accuracy of the mold is also very important, especially the slot angle and straightness and parallelism, these are Factors Affecting Sheet Metal Yield. At the same time, in the processing of some stainless steel plate and other refractory materials, mold strength and stability is also very important, high-quality mold not only does not cause the bending machine work efficiency is low, but also reduce the production cost, In the source to be saved, to reduce the cost of rising.

At the same time, high-quality bending machine mold can reduce the installation of the transfer time, basically no need to knife can complete the tool change, greatly saving the accuracy of the mold caused by the installation of a long time to use the shortcomings to improve the production effectiveness. At the same time, enterprises use high precision molds, can improve the stability of the bending machine, coupled with the mechanical part of the precision drive, can improve the bending of the error control, for the extension of mold and machine life, have a great help. Therefore, the quality of the mold is an important piece of sheet metal processing equipment, a reasonable choice to be able to get better production efficiency.